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Forever Vigilant LLC is the nations premier safety and security team training company.  It has been designed and built around one goal, to provide churches, schools, corporations and law enforcement agencies around the world with an unmatched, & unparalleled level of training for their employees, staff, leadership, ministries, safety, and security teams.  We have created a solid core curriculum of basic and advanced training courses, as well as bringing together an expert level cadre that actually lives the material they are teaching on a daily basis.  Our instructors prides themselves as being masters in their related studies, & fields.  We are truly blessed & honored to say that we are the nations premier training organization for your team.  We have meticulously crafted these programs around our client’s specific needs.  Many of our competitors just plagiarize, or regurgitate a law enforcement, Homeland Security or public school based program.  Not with Forever Vigilant, we have taken that necessary next step to custom build our programs specifically for the clients were serve.  We pledge to provide the most up to date & realistic training courses found anywhere, GUARANTEED.

“But I will encamp at my temple to guard it against marauding forces.  Never again will an oppressor overrun my people, for now I am keeping watch”.  -Zechariah 9:8

Owner & Lead Instructor

Christophor “Buzz” Periatt

Chris was honorable discharged from the US Marine Corps(R) (SOC) after serving over 6 years as a  squad leader in a weapons platoon, 0351, from 1987-1994.

Chris is currently serving as an active law enforcement officer with over 25 years of service.  Chris started his career with the Detroit Police Department as a tactical patrol officer and member of the counter-sniper team.  Within his current agency he has worked many positions including tactical patrol, SWAT, K9, and warrant recovery.  Chris is a senior Tactical Patrol Officer, FTO,  advanced active threat instructor, senior firearms instructor , senior subject control instructor, and master use-of-force instructor.  Chris has been held as a subject matter expert in the areas of K9 deployments and the use of force by both the United States District Court Eastern District of Michigan, and the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of Macomb County.

Chris is certified in 6 separate law enforcement subject control program and has been regularly involved in Krav Maga for over 10 years and currently teaches and trains @ Mada Krav Maga under Adam Munzing .  Chris has also been employed since 2004 @ the Macomb Police Academy and Advanced Police Training Center, (APTC), as a Firearms instructor, patrol and SWAT tactics instructor, advanced active threat instructor,  and subject control Instructor.   Chris is involved in developing and implementing  a variety of advanced firearms, SWAT, & tactical patrol programs for the APTC and has taught thousands of law enforcement officers from across the globe.

Chris also works for the National Tactical Officers Association as an adjunct instructor in the advanced active shooter instructor, & school and workplace violence programs.  Chris also holds a position as a subject matter expert (SME) instructor in the area of active shooter/threat with the International Association of Chiefs of Police under the CRI ∗TAC program.  Chris currently serves as the  Patrol Section Chair within the NTOA.

Chris has been the President of the Michigan Tactical Officers Association since 2006.

Chris has an undergraduate degree from AMU with a major in criminal justice.

You can reach Chris @ 586-531-7895, or cperiatt@4evervigilant.com

Assistant Instructors

  • James “Shaft” Friedman
    • James Friedman is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Eastpointe and Greater Christian Ministries International of Eastpointe and has been in pastoral ministry for over 30 yearsJames has served in law enforcement for over 12 years as a Sworn Reserve Police Officer for the New Baltimore Police Department, Certified Police Chaplain with the Roseville Police Department, Eastpointe Police Department, Saint Clair Shores Police Department, Huntington Woods Public Safety Department and the Macomb County Police Chief’s Association.  James also is the Senior Chaplain and Supervisor for the New Baltimore Police Department Chaplain Unit and Board Member of the New Baltimore Police Officer Association (NBPOA).James is a Commissioner with the Michigan Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission a part of MAPC (Michigan Association of Police Chiefs). Executive Board member with the Carl Chinn Organization FBSN (Faith-Based Security Network) and one of the trainer coordinators with the Southeast Security Coalition.  James is also a recent graduate of the ALICE ( Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) instructor course for church security training.James has been employed for the past 9 years as a program director and adjunct instructor at the Macomb Community College Criminal Justice Training Center (Basic and Advanced Training’s).  James is the Chairman of the PACE (Police and Community for Equality) Group and a member of ALPACT (Advocates and Leaders for Police and Community Trust).James Friedman also appears as host on the weekly “Ask the Pastor” Television show on Total Christian Television Network (TCT)/WDWO Channel 18 Comcast, Direct TV as well as a number of other programs on the same station.James holds a Degree in Criminal Justice from Grantham University.
  • Tony  “DOC” Spina
    • Tony has been involved with Public Safety since 1994. He first began helping the community in emergency medicine after becoming licensed as an emergency medical technician through the State of Michigan. As he continued his education he became an EMT specialist and went onward to be a state licensed paramedic working on a mobile intensive care unit as well as responding to 911 medical emergencies.  Tony also became a certified firefighter, fire inspector, arson investigator and rapid intervention team instructor and currently assists the Clay Township Fire Department as the Dive Chief for the underwater search and rescue team. Tony began his career in law enforcement with the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office, Marine Division. In 2000, Tony accepted a full-time public safety officer position combining his police fire and EMS experience with the Village of Grosse Pointe Shores where he is still currently employed. There he is the senior officer for his platoon, a field training officer, department firearms instructor and use of force instructor, certified human trafficking instructor.  Associated with his police responsibilities he is the assistant team leader for Eastern Wayne County Special Response Team which she has been a member of since 2003.  Tony has also just received his TCCC instructor from DHS.  Based on his pre-hospital medical experience Tony is also the Emergency Medical Services coordinator for Henry Ford Macomb Hospital and is a member of the Macomb County Medical Control Authority. Additionally, he is an adjunct instructor for Macomb Community College, advanced police training assisting in firearms programs, tactical emergency medical services (TEMS) , and swat operator courses.Tony holds an associate degree in Public Safety management and a master’s degree in Strategic Leadership
  • Andy “Curly” Pawlik
    • Andy Pawlik has been a law enforcement officer for over 21 years. He currently serves with a large SE Michigan police department and is on its Special Response Team. Andy has been on a county SWAT, regional response or departmental special response team since 2002. During that time, 6 years was spent as a counter-sniper and sniper team leader. Andy currently works for his departments, full time training division, where he is responsible for the instruction and training of 150 plus law enforcement officers and command staff. Andy has been instructing various basic and advanced courses at the local Community College and Basic Police Academy since 2001.Andy is an instructor/expert in various weapon systems including the semi-auto pistol, AR-15 style rifle, bolt action and semi-auto sniper weapons and the shotgun.  Andy has vast knowledge in Active Shooter/Killer response techniques. He has been trained by several federal agencies (FBI, DHS, and DEA) and nationally recognized private companies (ARCHANGEL, NORTHERN RED, ALERRT, ALICE, NTOA) as an instructor/expert in the active killer field for civilian and law enforcement techniques. Andy is an instructor/expert in room clearing techniques for both the team concept and the solo responding individual. He also has expertise in the application of the use of force, which reduces criminal and civil liabilities pertaining to current US Supreme Court rulings.  His motto is simple, “If you have learned something from me that can potentially save your life, I’ve served my purpose!