Owner & Lead Instructor

Christophor “Buzz” Periatt

Chris was honorable discharged from the US Marine Corps(R) (SOC) after serving over 6 years as a  squad leader in a weapons platoon, 0351, from 1987-1994.

Chris is currently serving as an active law enforcement officer with over 25 years of service.  Chris started his career with the Detroit Police Department as a tactical patrol officer and member of the counter-sniper team.  Within his current agency he has worked many positions including tactical patrol, SWAT, K9, and warrant recovery.  Chris is a senior Tactical Patrol Officer, FTO,  advanced active threat instructor, senior firearms instructor , senior subject control instructor, and master use-of-force instructor.  Chris has been held as a subject matter expert in the areas of K9 deployments and the use of force by both the United States District Court Eastern District of Michigan, and the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of Macomb County.

Chris is certified in 6 separate law enforcement subject control program and has been regularly involved in Krav Maga for over 10 years and currently teaches and trains @ Mada Krav Maga under Adam Munzing .  Chris has also been employed since 2004 @ the Macomb Police Academy and Advanced Police Training Center, (APTC), as a Firearms instructor, patrol and SWAT tactics instructor, advanced active threat instructor,  and subject control Instructor.   Chris is involved in developing and implementing  a variety of advanced firearms, SWAT, & tactical patrol programs for the APTC and has taught thousands of law enforcement officers from across the globe.

Chris also works for the National Tactical Officers Association as an adjunct instructor in the advanced active shooter instructor, & school and workplace violence programs.  Chris also holds a position as a subject matter expert (SME) instructor in the area of active shooter/threat with the International Association of Chiefs of Police under the CRI ∗TAC program.  Chris currently serves as the  Patrol Section Chair within the NTOA.

Chris has been the President of the Michigan Tactical Officers Association since 2006.

Chris has an undergraduate degree from AMU with a major in criminal justice.

You can reach Chris @ 586-531-7895, or cperiatt@4evervigilant.com